At Georgina’s, you can avail a selection of services that we offer based on the look that you want. You may also consider the advice of our own stylists in terms of hair treatments and styling that will surely make you look really good.

You don’t have to worry being a fashion victim since we have our hair experts to take care of the business. They’ll surely give you the best hair style that will suit you since they carefully analyze each and every factor that needs to be taken care of. Please refer for the latest pricing below.

Services Pricing
Hairline Out From £55
Full Head From £60
Lace Closure Weave From £70
Flip Over Weave From £70
Mesh Weave From £70
Weave Restyle £8
Remove Extensions From £20
Remove and Wash From £30
Wash Prior to Weave £10
Services Pricing
Canerow From £25
(With extension) From £30
Canerow Design From £30
(With extension) From £35
Single Plaits From £80
Pick and Drop From £90
Crochet Braids £70
Ghana Canerow From £45
Box Braids From £80
Wash Prior to Braids £10
Services Pricing
Senegalese Twist From £90
Afro Kinky Twist From £65
Gel Twists £35
Faux Dreads From £100
Services Pricing
Trim £8
Cut/Restyle From £15
Services Pricing
Chemical Treatments
Virgin Hair Relaxer From £55
Retouch Relaxer £40
Texturizer From £30
Curly Perm £60
Virgin Curly Perm From £70
Services Pricing
Conditioning Treatments
Brazilian Blow Dry From £70
Steam Treatment(Standard) £30
Steam Treatment(Deluxe) £35
Oil Treatment £30
Services Pricing
Wash and Roller Set £26
Wash, Blow Dry & Tong £23
Hot Comb From £30
Straighten From £15
Tong/Ringlets From £20
Gel and Attach ponytail £20
Wedding Updo From £40
Updo with Extensions From £55
Services Pricing
Full Head Colour From £35
Services Pricing
Lace Wigs
Full Lace Wig Application £40
Lace Front Application £30
Remove Wig & Wash £30
Sew on Regular Wig £25

Kids Pricelist

(Children up to 11 years old)

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Services Pricing
1/4 Head £8
1/2 Head £12
Full Head £20
With Extension + £5
With Design + £5
Services Pricing
Single Plaits
With Own Hair From £25
With Extension From £40
Box Braids From £50
Remove Braids £15
Remove & Wash £25
Services Pricing
Conditioning Treatments
Steam Treatment(Standard) £20
Steam Treatment(Deluxe) £25
Oil Treatment £20
Services Pricing
Chemical Treatments
Relaxer(Retouch) £30
Relaxer(Virgin Hair) From £40
Services Pricing
Wash & Blow Dry From £15
Wash, Blow Dry, Straighten From £19
Wash, Blow Dry, Tong From £22
Hot Comb From £23
Straighten From £12
Tong/Ringlets From £15
Gel + Attach Ponytail £15
Wedding Updo From £25
Wash & Updo From £29
Services Pricing
Trim £5
Cut/Restyle From £10