Maybe you have considered ways to achieve the best outcome when managing Afro Hair for a change. Don’t worry, Georgina’s Salon being an established and well known hair retailer in Bristol will assist you in achieving the kind of hairstyle that you desire.

Based on Georgina’s Salon experience, if you want to make your hair a lot more manageable, you should purchase a relaxer that relaxes the normal curl pattern of the hair. A relaxer can make your hair somewhat straight. If you desire to have the natural texture of your hair still, use a texturizer.
It is recommendable that you identify the toughness of perm you will need for your hair type, and scalp sensitivity. Relaxers are available in mild, regular, and even super. In case you have fine hair strands, you need to use a gentle relaxer. Nevertheless, if your hair strands are thick and course, you will need super strength relaxer. They likewise have no-lye and lye relaxers. Even while lye based relaxers, usually perform a superior job, experts best manage them that you can end up having chemical burns.

Furthermore, tonging the hair will protect and fixed the curl, define it, and enable it to stay longer. Trust us we’ve been doing this for ages now here at Georgina’s. Always make use of a huge assortment of items particularly designed for your own hair kind. A good moisturizing prime treatment product is important when managing Afro Hair; well-moisturized hair prevents breakage as well as the hair becoming brittle.

A helpful fact to remember is that afro hairdressing is most likely the only hair that varies in diameter, and, due to the degree and intensity of its curl, it is the weakest hair in different group- therefore handle it with care!

A friendly reminder though: Colour consultation is definitely recommended regardless of your hair type if you intend on replacing the colour of your hair. Always think about the condition of your hair and see the colour chart prior to making any quick decisions.

Enough trimming between straightening treatments is crucial, however , make sure there is adequate re-growth to produce overlapping each time a conditioning treatment is put on to lessen the risk of damage. Cutting methods may differ and can differ among hair types. Afro hair should have the same way of cutting as European hair so don’t hold back, let the creativity flow.

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